The app

Mobile data collection with tablano

Your data is always available to you

Access your data at any time from the field – both online and offline.

User-friendly design

Large buttons, clean input options and intuitive usability – tablano is user-friendly and requires no previous app experience.

Simple and fast data management

Add new or edit existing objects and complete your inspections with photos and additional files.

Well organized and safely stored

No matter if you prefer the map or the list view – in tablano all of your objects are well organized and your data safely stored.

On the dot and on the spot

The core of tablano is the so-called “template”. It’s comprised by the master data of your object, the editor (digital form) and the data archive.

Quickly identify important information

Object master data, last inspection, current damage or upcoming measures – tablano will summarize everything for you.

Ideal for both new inspections and work routines

Our digital forms enable you a fast and efficient data input.

Document your inspections with photos

Document damage, deficiencies and the overall state of an object and complete your inspections visually.